Meet Our People.

Philip Court – Director

Leveraging a history in Management and Software Engineering, driven by adrenalin, environmental enthusiasm and the need for change, Philip is bringing together the people, technology and skills required to make greenstage and greenstage's projects a success for the people and the planet.
+64 21 953 032

John Gorman (ME Hons.) - Greenstage Power

Founder of the SolarNetwork®, an enterprise-class open-source software platform focused on the capture, storage, visualization and analysis of real-time renewable energy data. SolarNetwork® won the Sharp Award for “Most Innovative Product or Service 2009” at the Sustainable Electricity Association of NZ conference, and serves as the foundation of Greenstage Power's services.
+64 21 0227 6796

Stephen Morgan - General Manager

With a broad range of international experience in engineering, manufacturing and management through to running a community earthquake support centre here in New Zealand, Stephen has developed a big picture view of the world. He has a strong appreciation for the challenges and opportunities ahead. By leveraging his experience with the Heavy Transport industry, Electric Vehicle industry, Seed Capital and Start-ups, Stephen has been key in helping to shape the future direction of Greenstage.
+64 22 197 2074

Tom Parker – Engineering

EV enthusiast with a wide range of engineering skills (mechanical, electrical and software), Tom is a perfectionist and a stickler for technical details.

John Murphy – Engineering

Extremely experienced and skillful electrical engineer with software skills to match, John always has a practical approach to solving problems and providing solutions.

Vik Olliver – Visionary

Multi talented visionary, able to bring together ideas and solutions from many fields, Vik is also involved in the RepRap project which has synergy with our plans to create an open source composite car sometime in the future.

Michael Stewart – Vehicle Design

Exceptionally talented designer with a vision to the future. As well as creating great designs from scratch, Michael is able to turn practical and functional engineering designs into works of art.

Ed Cheeseman (ME Hons.) – Greenstage Racing

An Electrical Engineer through and through Ed lives and breathes Amps and Volts. The electric motor is the workhorse of industry and Ed is hell bent on getting the same sort of performance and control in the humble automobile. His motor and battery control and protection theory, backed up with practical skill and perseverance, forms an essential part of the team.

Bruce Turnbull – Turnbull Engineering Ltd.

After an extensive search the Greenstage team chose to use the Saker GT. Designed and Developed here in NZ, the Saker GT is an exceptional car with many desirable characteristics including the ability to deliver results on the track and as a high performance road vehicle. Bruce Turnbull, leveraging extensive real world experience on the track is the designer and creator of the Saker. If you want an exceptional car, a Saker chassis is a great place to start. Bruce and his team are actively involved in the creation of the GS750V.

Matt Magoffin - Greenstage Power CTO

A passionate Open Source software user and contributor, with interests in renewable energy technology and the environment, Matt is keen to build better solutions for everyone. As a professional Software architect with 10 years experience working primarily with enterprise clients on large-scale Internet based applications, Matt has the skills and the drive to make a real difference.