SolarNetwork and SolarBilling

An Introduction

With distributed generation and consumption a key part of the future electricity grid, attention is turning to business models and the technology stacks required to operate in this new world. Our approach is to continue the Open Source path and augment the already great distributed SolarNetwork platform with a Billing system. Please welcome SolarBilling into the fold. Its just early days with this platform, but we plan to continue extending functionality and in particular addressing customer specific needs as required.

SolarNetwork and SolarBilling


No vendor lockin (Open Source), hardware agnostic, automated data collection both for engineering purposes and for billing purposes (AMR), demand side response (DSR), TCP/IP communication (transport layer agnostic), expandable (new devices being added all the time plus on request), Open Interfaces (easy integration), highly secure (utilising X.509 client side and server side certificates).

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